Saturday, October 31, 2009


Friday we woke up to THIS!! It was horrible......

But Mya LOVED it..... and it all melted away Saturday morning (thank goodness)

My little bumble-bee and witch!

The weather turned out to be great for Halloween. It was about 50 degrees!! The kids had a blast, and they ran from house to house so excited. We went to TONS of houses, and got loaded on candy!
Mya- pretty witch, Van- bumblebee and Nash- GI Joe ninja



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Mya and Nash had a great time playing in the leaves the other night....

VAN THE MAN!!!.... look at those blue eyes. i love it and can't get enough of him.

we found Mya in her room at 11:00 at night with this done to her!!! She was painting her toes and finger nails with a permanant marker, and was coloring up her arms!!! ARGH..... (she actually did a great job on her nails tho....but shhhhh...we didn't tell her that)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Georgia & Orlando trip

This last week I was able to go to Atlanta to spend the week with my family then drive down to Orlando to see my little brother Brett get married. It was wonderful. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, the bride was STUNNING, and the weather was PERFECT!!!

Here is Brett and Sarah dancing their first dance!

I had bought a new dress for the wedding and I didn't put it on until the morning of. Well to my surprise...the SECURITY TAG WAS STILL ON!!! I was so upset. What could i do?? I didn't have time to go find a store to take it off so I had wear it THE WHOLE DAY!!!!! To the temple, the ring ceremony and the reception. I felt so dumb......

Van loved to sit on poppy. We would be so comfortable and fall asleep like this. SO CUTE!!!

Mya swimming in Orlando at our hotel. We could still swim at 9:00 at night cause it was still so warm!!! AHHHHH....heaven!