Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Van the man.....

Halloween started great. We were excited to go trick or treating.... until disaster happened. Van got hit by a car. We are so thankful his injuries are not life threatening. He has a fractured pelvis, cracked heel, bruised lung and his ligaments in his 1st two vertabraes torn. He had surgery on his neck.... they took bone from his hip and placed it in his neck, holding it together with a metal plate and 4 screws. He has to wear a neck brace for another month. And recovery will be about 4 months. He is such a brave boy. Truly a miracle he is alive and nothing else was wrong. We know he was watched over by his guardian angels. He is still the smiliest kid you will ever meet!!!
The pictures below are probably out of order, but they are of him in the plane going down to Children's hospital in Utah, some in the hospital and 1 I took today... he sure is happy to be home!!