Monday, September 27, 2010


Its that time of year again.....the youth triathlon!!! Nash so excited to once again compete. He did soooo good!!!! They don't time the kids, but they are separated into groups so we were able to tell how he placed. He got 1st in swimming, 1st in bike, and we actually aren't sure about running. So many kids were coming in at once and we didn't know what group they belonged to. But he did so good, and we are SOOOO PROUD of him!! Good job you!

.4 of a mile swim.......

Thats Nash in the front...with the aqua life jacket!

.7 of a mile bike ride

and 1/2 mile running

Monday, September 20, 2010


2 weeks ago I got the chance to go to Holland with my parents. My dad is from Holland so he was the perfect tour-guide. It was amazing! I couldn't believe how pretty and perfect all the landscapes and country sides were. Here are just a couple pictures (i took a millions) of the beautiful country.

This is in one of my favorite cities we visited...Volendom (sp?). It was right on the coast, and very old. I love history, so it was very exciting for me to see everything first hand and pictures how things were during the war.

The houses are really small here. People really actually live in either a townhouse, or an apartment. Very few people live in houses... and if they do, the house is really small.

There are beautiful windmills everywhere. This one is in Kinderdyke. Tons of windmills beside canals. I was able to take a tour of the inside of one. Its amazing that people still live in would be really hard.

My favorite thing to eat here was Poffertjes. YUMMY!!! My mouth is watering as we speak. They are kinda like little pancakes, but better. And they serve it with butter, whip cream, and powder sugar. AHHHHH... heaven! I had these everyday...sometimes twice a day.

We went to Amsterdam. Quite the interesting city. Marijuana is LEGAL there, so it was really strange to see drug shops everywhere, and seeing people carrying their little baggies of weed. This is me and my mom in front of a big monument, that was apparently really popular during the 60's and 70's.

Big wooden shoe in the city Delft.

Almost all the cities here have canals running through every street. Makes it hard to drive around, but sure is pretty. Everyone rides bikes. Hardly anyone owns a car in Holland. So notice all the bikes....

In Alkmaar we watched a guy making wooden shoes..

The cheese mart in Alkmaar. Yummy cheese!!

In Harleem.....