Friday, October 7, 2011

Poor Tyson

3 weeks ago, Tyson had an accident at work. He fell off a roof. NOT FUN! His ankle joint dislocated, which made his foot turn in a position it shouldn't have. He tore all the ligaments in his foot, and his nerves were all damaged. And part of his bone chipped off. It was pretty nasty... (i have pictures of his foot but i won't post it for you who are "weak of the stomach.) He broke his wrist in 2 spots. Tore his lip totally open and cut above his eye. Poor guy looked like he got ran over by a train. We have a lot recovery ahead of us. He isn't able to put ANY pressure on his foot for at least 6 weeks. and his wrist for 3 months. And he has to go in for surgery again in a couple weeks. (if anyone DOES want to see pics of his foot...let me know!! i think they are pretty cool...)

Since he broke his wrist, he isn't able to use crutches, so he has a walker and a wheelchair.

I just had to add this of Van. I thought it was adorable of him!!!

Tyson's dad and brother came over and built a ramp so Tyson can come in and out of the house. It has made life for him MUCH easier....

Needless to say..... he has got in a lot of resting and T.V. watching in. His favorite spot in on the couch like this.... Looks comfy huh??? He has to keep his leg elevated about 90% of the day so he doesn't get around much. So if you come over...head on downstairs and join him in watching Netflix!!