Monday, June 16, 2008

More pics

Mya loves wearing her sun glasses!!
Before we headed back up to Idaho, we stopped by temple square. The kids loved his statue of Jesus. Nash kept asking why he wasn't wearing any shoes.

Nash and his cousins inside the Tabernacle

Salt Lake City trip

Tyson's oldest sister Teresa got re-married this weekend down in Salt Lake. It was a beautiful wedding. We are so excited for Teresa and her new family.

The ceromony was in Teresa'a best friends backyard. It was gorgeous!! The prettiest backyeard i have ever seen.
Mya is looking for bugs...yuck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Those of you who want to feel sorry for me you can....because it is SNOWING! Yeah, you heard me right. SNOWING! It is still freezing here. I don't know when summer is going to arrive. I've heard rumors of it coming next week...but I don't believe it. The high this past 2 weeks has only been in the high 50's!!! And the If any of you have ever been to Rexburg, you know that it is always windy here. And this week has been extra bad with winds reaching 40 miles an hour on Tuesday. So those of you who live in warm....HOT.... weather... feel grateful. Cause at least you're warm and can go outside to play! Okay.....I just needed to vent. Anyone want to send me on a vacation?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This week......

Nanna came to visit this week! The kids had so much fun. Nash was in heaven with the activites nanna brought with her. He read and read and read with her, and learned the names of major bones in the body (he impressed his dentist by telling him where his patella was) . Mya loved the attention from nanna and never left her side. Also...we got kittens! 2 of them...but i will do a post about them later.
Nash had soccer camp this wekend. He had so much fun, but he didn't quite get the concept of "sharing the ball." He's pretty good and has a good kick! His favorite thing is to hit the ball with his forehead, his coach taught him and he thinks it so cool.