Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jackson Hole swimming

This past monday we went to Jackson Hole recreation center. They have this really fun indoor water park type place. It has a big slide, little slide, a pool where the deepest it goes is 3 feet so its awesome for kids. And then it has a big olympic size pool with a diving board and a climbing wall.
Nash wanted to climb so bad but in order to climb it, you have to pass a test withe lifegaurd. You need to swim the whole length of the pool without stopping. And Nash passed so he was able to climb it. He loved it!!!

Nash waiting in line for the big slide.

Mya and Ty coming down the big slide.

Nash coming down the big slide.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

family picture

Most of you never saw our Christmas family picture...because we never sent it out. And so thought I would post it. This was taken in December.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

HAPPY 3RD B-DAY MYA!!!!!!!!!

Today is Mya's birthday!! Holy cow...I can't believe she is 3. She has been so excited all day. Even though we are not really having a party...she keeps telling everyone she see's that "I am having a birthday party and nanny, poppy, oma, and mula are coming!!!" Now....Oma is my grandma who died a few weeks ago...nanny and poppy live in georgia......and mula is my sister melissa who lives in washington. Apparently..these are her favorite people! And none of them are coming to "her party!" Hopefully she won't be too disapointed.

I was trying to take pictures of her and she was totally posing and being crazy. These are the best one's I got!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This past weekend we went the the sand dunes to go sledding. We had a lot of fun. Nash LOVED to go down the big hills, but Mya liked to stay on the little ones. Andy, Alex, and Brett went with us also. We had a big snow storm come through, so the snow was all powdery and perfect for sledding!

Here are Andy and Brett...tired from climbing back up the hills.

Tyson, Mya and Nash coming back up the hill....

Me pushing Tyson and Mya down.....

Mya giving a cute little smirk.....