Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preggo pic

Here I am...34 weeks preggo!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Posts....

I posted 3 new keep scrolling down for some GREAT pics!!!!

Opening fishing day

Every Memorial weekend is the opening fishing at Henry's Lake, and its tyson's family tradition to go every year. It's a BIG deal for them. They spend all weekend there, camping and fishing. Since Nash is old enough now, he was able to go and help fish. And he caught one...actually 3 but only kept one. He was soooo proud of himself!!!
This is tyson and nash with Nash's catch!

Nash reeling in his fish.

Tyson and his sister Teresa

Tyson was baiting with worms and Mya was fascinated with them. She would sit in front of the little tub of them, and just play with them. It was so gross. She wouldn't go near the fish, but would just sit here forever and watch the worms. Wierdo.....

Here she is "examining" the worm.

Yellowstone Park

On Memorial Weekend we headed up to Yellowstone National Park. I didn't take many pictures, (my camera batteries died by the time we got to old Faithful.) but I did get one of a moose....looks pretty skinny without it's winter coat...

A bison....shedding its winter coat. The animals are right out your car window so the kids thought it was pretty cool. We also saw lots of elk, and even a grizzly bear with it's cub!!!

This was overlooking part of the "grand canyon of yellowstone park"

A waterfall in the "grand canyon."

Civil Defense Cave

We took the kids to the Civil Defense Caves. WHY...i went.....i don't know. Maybe when I want to go into labor.....then I'll go again. It was fun, but HARD. we had to climb over this big boulders to get into the cave ( and it's way hard to bend over and steady yourself when you have a basketball for a tummy). Then once we got into the cave, it was pitch dark...we used flashlights... and it was soo slick from ice. It was really hard for me to do, and probably shouldn't have done it. But the kids had a blast!!

This is the kids and tyson at the sand dunes after the cave. I wasn't about to temp to climb up the sand hills. It's hard enough when your not preggo. But the kids love to run and jump off the edge and slide down the hills.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water fun

Here are just a few pictures of the kids playing outside in the water. The kids favorite thing to do is go on slip-n-slides, and run through sprinklers. This is what we do every time the weather gets above 70 degrees (which has been about 5 days now!!!)

Nash is "getting a tan" in this picture. (and yes...his butt crack is ALWAYS showing!)

Idaho Falls Zoo

Tyson and I took the kids to the zoo last weekend. It's been warm enough we can actually go outside and do things now! The kids had a blast. This first picture is of the kids "playing music" like someone would out in the "field." Mya loved the monkeys the best, and Nash said he loved the otters! For only $14 for the whole family.....I think we will be making more trips to the zoo!!