Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

SO, Mya and her friend David were playing down in the kitchen and they were being awfully quiet. So when i came downstairs I saw THIS!!!! AHHHHH. Mya was sitting on the floor while David cut her hair. Thankfully, he didn't cut a whole piggy tail off. I'd have to go buy her a wig!
The hairstylist...David
The end result...I know it's really hard to see, but there are 2 spots the size of a quarter with only about 1 inch of hair...and it sticks straight up!!

Carving pumpkins!!!

For FHE last night we carved pumpkins with andy and alex. The kids had a blast.
This was Mya's first time carving so she had to be RIGHT in your face while we carved.
the end results.....(i know they are a bit fuzzy..sorry). On Mya's pumpkin she wanted a smiley face, with her name on the back. Nash wanted a bat with his name on the back. And Andy and Alex did one with 2 scary looking people.

nash's b-day pics

So here are pictures of Nash's birthday party...finally. He had a Transformers theme.
All eating pizza!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

NASH IS 5!!!!

okay... so my computer is totally not working anymore, so i'll just have to write everything with no pictures....SORRY!!!

So, Nash's b-day was on Friday and he had his party on Thursday. Boy was it fun. Nash had a blast. We had it at our clubhouse, so we went swimming! Nash had 15 friends come. Yeah...it was crazy but so much fun. He got a ton of present and loved all of them!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy 29th!

For Tyson's b-day we went to Green Canyon hot springs. We had a blast. This top picture has a story.... there were a bunch of collage students there swimming and we having a diving board contest thingie. They were all just trying different jumps and dives. Nash was watching them and wanted to do it also. So this little (almost) 5 year old goes up and stands with all the college students and runs off the diving board and does a "twist" cannon ball. It was so cute! All the college students started clapping and hollaring. It was so funny!

utah pics con't

Utah trip

The kids and I went down to Utah to visit Oma, and nanny and poppy flew in also!! We took a much needed trip to the Dutch store, and we went to a new aquirium in Draper. The kids loved it! Their favorite was the shark tank.