Monday, November 15, 2010

First snowfall

It snowed this week, so I bundled Van up to go play outside. This was Vans first time playing in the snow, and he HATED it. He couldn't walk in his boots and the coat made his arms go out. He hated his mittens because he couldn't pick anything up or use his hands. It was sooo funny!! He gave me this pathetic look.......

He was trying to walk, and he couldn't in his boots so he fell over. He tried to get up but couldn't. He just layed their whining... it was so sad, but really funny.

Mya loved playing in the snow. She was outside for 2 hours...

Mya is literally holding Van up since he couldnt stand by himself...

Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great Halloween! The weather was cold, but we lucked out on the rain and we had NO SNOW this year!!! Mya was a princess (of course), Nash was a Chargers football player, and Van was a frog!!!

Every year our neighborhood puts on a "Neighborhood trunk-or-treat". The HOA provides hot chocolate and donuts, and there is a pumpkin carving contest. It was a blast. We decorated our trunk and the kids got way too much candy.

After the trunk-or-treat we went trick-or-treating. Mya could have gone all night. She loved it and wanted to keep going forever. We left Van at grandmas so we could stay out a little later.